After over 18 years of loyal and dedicated service, Kevin Croft, the manager of our Camberwell Office, has resigned his position to embrace a new chapter in his life with The London City Mission. Before he left Kevin spoke about his career with W. Uden & Sons and his decision to pursue his faith for the benefit of others.

My time with Udens started on a sunny spring afternoon when I was in the process of arranging work experience. My mum and dad had known Philip Uden for about 20 years so dad suggested I see if that would be an interesting career. Little did I know that the next eighteen years would be spent doing the job that I love so much.

When I first came to Udens the company was very different from what it is today. I was a shy 16 year old and the next person in age to me was at least 15 years older. I started working in the workshop at our Camberwell office finishing the coffins for our clients. I soon began pall bearing and then passed my driving test. Shortly after I began driving the limousines on funerals.

Back in those days the office side of things was looked after by Andrew Uden and Ken Highgate. Ken was approaching retirement and the company gave me the opportunity to take over from him. This was to say the least a very brave move to let a young man only 20 years of age such responsibility. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Uden family for their trust in me and the opportunities that have been given to me over the last 13 years or so. As well as looking after the funeral arrangements for many families over the years I have also been involved with arranging memorials and the repatriations of many people back to their country of origin.

I have been in the fortunate position whilst working at Udens of enjoying my work. Something that I know not everyone can say. The enjoyment of hearing a family say after a funeral that we have made a difficult day so much easier gives amazing job satisfaction, not only to me but all my friends that work here.

Well if I enjoy my work so much why move? I had the amazing privilege of being brought up in a Christian household. It would be fair to say that as a young person I was not at all interested in what the bible had to say or anything that Jesus said. Well on the 22nd May 1999 that all changed and I put my trust in Jesus. That decision has made big changes in my life. The bible is still relevant today and has a message that people need so desperately to hear. So this new chapter in my life will enable me to meet people and have the privilege of telling them about Jesus. I will be doing this with an organisation called London City Mission, a charity that has been running for over 170 years engaging with people in London to explain to them the life changing message of Jesus.

So as I end one chapter of my life my family and I are excited about what God has planned for us in the years to come. I have made many lifelong friends here over the last 18 years and I am sure Udens have not seen the end of me forever.

Bye for now



We wish Kevin every blessing in his new career, and welcome Christopher Bennett who replaces him.

Chris, who has worked at The Sidcup office for over 8 years, continues his family’s involvement with our firm, as his elder brother already manages out Bexleyheath branch.


Good luck to both of you.




Matthew Uden