For centuries, the timeless beauty of certain types of stone has made them the esteemed choice for commemorating and making the last resting place of those departed from this life. Today we can offer you traditional materials that include: white marble from the mountains of Carrara in northern Italy; red, black and grey granites from many corners of the earth; stone, quarried in these islands – and beige-coloured nabresina marble from north-east Italy.

Through the passing years, memorial patterns have changed although you will always find many traditional features retained in the modern designs. In the catalogue, we have tried to present a range from well proportioned, simple designs to the distinctive and original. We hope it will help you choose the memorial to perpetuate your cherished memories.

Truly the Rock of Ages. It is the hardest material used for the making of a memorial and virtually indestructable. Its texture lends itself to polishing, bringing out the true beauty of the material. A wide range of intricate designs can be created using etching, the most common form of ornamentation.
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Italian White Marble
Most widely used and best known of all the materials chosen for sculpture and carving. As well as for the making of fine memorials, it has been used by the world’s great artist to create building and sculpture which have in themselves stood as a monument to its durability. Blue-white in colour and veined with darker blue-grey veining – it has few imperfections.

A beige coloured marble well suited for churchyards where white marble is permitted. It blends well with its surroundings and is an ideal material where a more mellow effect is required. It has many of the advantages of white marble lending itself to fine floral carving and sculpture.

Portland Stone
Quarried in Dorset, this fine hard limestone has ben used extensively in England for Public buildings and Monuments. Examples are Cenotaph in Whitehall and St. Paul’s Cathedral – grey-white in colour.

York Stone
A brown grit stone, often with a hint of green, a well known and durable material extensively used for memorials in Churchyards.

Dove Grey Marble
All the attributes of white marble. It is blue-grey in colour with heavy figuring. The colour creates a marked contrast between fine rubbed panels and chisel finished areas, such as floral carving and sculpture.


In Loving memory of a dear Husband and Father John Albert Jones who fell asleep 20th January, 1981 aged 79 years.

Cherished Memories of our beloved mother Doris Lavinia Morris 1911-1979 to live in the hearts those we love is not to die.

Sacred to the memory of
Treasured memories of
In remembrance of
In loving memory of
In affectionate memory of

Who died
Who passed
Who entered into rest
Who departed this life

The above are intended to be helpful in the making of a choice for an inscription – not to presume on your own preference for suitable words which are unique to your memories.
As stone is a natural product, colouring can vary. Stone colouring reproduced as accurately as photography and printing will allow.