We understand just how stressful and upsetting bereavement is to bear. No more so than on the actual day of the funeral. With this in mind we offer the following advice which you may find of use.


  • We normally ask that the main floral tribute be delivered to our premises on the day of the funeral in order that it can be fixed to the coffin prior to the commencement of the funeral. We are pleased to receive other tributes at our branches, or they can be delivered to the departure location for display before we arrive.


  • Our vehicle(s) driven by uniformed staff will arrive at the agreed location at the appointed time. If access to the location is difficult or the street numbering is unclear it may be helpful for a family member to guide us. You are welcome to come outside to receive the hearse bearing the coffin, or you may prefer to remain indoors until the funeral conductor introduces himself. We will place any additional floral tributes on the funeral cars. Whilst we are doing this the mourners should prepare for departure.


  • Please hand to the funeral conductor any Orders of Service or CDs that are required for the funeral. If the funeral is to be a burial you are strongly recommended to wear flat shoes. Due to the vagaries of the British weather, coats and umbrellas are always advised. They can be left in the limousine(s) if not required.


  • Mourners traveling in their own vehicles who wish to follow the cortege should form up behind the funeral cars. Drivers should be in possession of the address of the cemetery or crematorium and if possible provided with a map. The funeral conductor will walk in front of the hearse for a suitable time and distance to allow everyone to gain position.


  • Upon arrival at the Crematorium or Cemetery the cortege will wait outside the Chapel whilst the funeral conductor checks to ensure everything is prepared for your Service.  Please wait in the limousine(s) during this time. Those who have driven their own cars will be directed to the car park and then make their way on foot to the Chapel.


  • Where there is a Church service prior to committal, the cortege will park immediately outside the place of worship. When all is ready the bearers will carry the coffin into the Chapel and you will be invited to follow immediately behind.


  • When everyone is seated the funeral conductor and bearers will leave the chapel and the Service will commence. At the conclusion, the funeral conductor will re-enter the Chapel and escort you to the flower garden where the floral tributes will be on display. When you are ready to depart you will be escorted to the limousine(s) and driven home, or to another location as directed.


Throughout the ceremony it is essential that we all endeavor to keep to the agreed timings.