If Bob Dylan worked for Udens he would have trouble keeping up with the constant changes that are necessary to maintain our Company as the Premier Funeral Directors in this area.


Ken Powell, who has been with us for 10 years, since his retirement from the Metropolitan Police, has finally agreed to spend more time with his wife and family. We thank him for his commitment and contribution to our achievements over the past decade and wish him well for the future.


We welcome Ex Naval Provost Colin Gent who joins us in September. Colin will undertake a variety or duties, not all of which have even been invented yet. That’s the beauty of working for a family business; you never know what you may be doing tomorrow. The only certainty is that sometime during the day you will definitely have to wash and polish at least one of our Luxury funeral vehicles.


We continue to support bereaved families throughout this area, not just by providing an unrivalled funeral service at a time of need, but by assisting in the planning and preparation of funerals, together with advice and assistance on memorials and other means of commemorating a loved one. Please contact any of our experienced staff for further information.


Not many people realise that my Dad, in addition to running a successful business, is also a keen and dedicated gardener. He has therefore graciously agreed to share his skills and knowledge with us all by providing seasonal tips throughout the year.


This month’s tip: Take cuttings of tender perennial, such as verbenas, argyranthemums, fuchsias, salvias and pelargonium ’ s. Dip the cuttings into a hormone rooting compound before inserting them into small pots of half and half peat and perlite or peat and silver sand. Water in well and keep the cuttings in a cold frame or even on warm windowsill out of direct sunlight. They should root within eight weeks and can then be potted up in Multi-Purpose compost and overwintered in a heated greenhouse or on a bedroom windowsill


Thanks Dad, We look forward to more of your gems of wisdom in the future.