We start the year on a sombre note following the death of our senior board member and patriarch of the Company, Mr Philip Uden. As a family we all mourn his loss, yet we rejoice that he is now with his maker and at rest.


Our senior colleague, David Uden, now takes on the mantle of “Father of the Firm” and we are pleased to welcome Michael Uden, Jason Uden and Matthew Uden onto our Board of Directors where they join our current management team, David and Andrew Uden, together with our Managing Director, Nicholas Uden.


Despite the proliferation of new businesses established as funeral directors in this area, together with an overall decline in the death rate throughout the Country; W. Uden & Sons continue to increase our service to the local community. We have achieved this in the face of stiff competition and a challenging economic climate, whilst continuing to provide the highest quality of service that is the envy of all our competitors.


You and your loved ones are assured of our personal attention throughout all the funeral arrangements. We believe our costs are competitive and wholly consistent with the level of service and attention we provide. Please speak to any of our managers for a complete breakdown of funeral expenses, together with an explanation of the disbursements that apply to every funeral.


If you haven’t already done so, may I invite you to look at some of the unsolicited testimonials submitted in respect of our work. It is gratifying to receive such praise and we appreciate that our clients have taken the time to acknowledge our commitment to our chosen profession.


On a lighter note, Nicky is now preparing his allotment for the spring sowing, and we all look forward to the abundance of fresh vegetables he distributes to us all. If anyone would live to share the fruits of his labours, please call him at the Eltham Office on 020 8850 2868. I know he will be pleased to hear from you.