What happens on the day of the funeral

Prior to the funeral, you will receive a phone call from the funeral conductor who will be looking after you and ensures the service runs perfectly, he will introduce himself and carefully check all the details of the funeral. 

Depending on your arrangements, we will arrive at your chosen address in our vehicles with any flowers dressed on the hearse.  We will arrange the flowers at the address if required.  Once we have dressed the hearse, feel free to look at the flowers on our vehicles, then we will make our way to either the Church, Crematorium or Cemetery. 

We will generally reach each destination 10/15 mins early so we can check everything is ready, such as music and orders of service. A funeral director’s job is to make sure that saying goodbye is easy and meets the family needs.

If you would like to carry the coffin, let the conductor know and he will go through it with you. Please go into our video section of our gallery to see how to carry a coffin. 

After the service we will arrange the flowers in the flower garden.  We will collect any cards from the flowers and when possible, make posies for ladies in the immediate family.  From there, if you have limousines, we will take you back to your chosen address.