Different Coloured Ties

Why have a coloured tie?

Ties can express a favourite colour or interest. You may want them to lift the mood of the funeral or match with a particular colour scheme that you have chosen.

The ties are worn by our members of staff that will look after you on the day. Normally, this would be the funeral conductor, our drivers and our coffin bearers.

We have over 40 different tie selections. If there’s a colour or pattern we haven’t got we will purchase them free of charge and add them to our collection.

Yes, any combination of coloured ties are possible. Each member of staff can be in a different colour tie if you would prefer.

Yes, we have contacted many football teams and they have kindly sent us their official coloured ties. Charlton, Millwall, West Ham, Manchester Utd, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham and many more.

We have a selection of football scarfs and if requested the conductor will gladly wear your loved one’s team scarf when leading the funeral procession. 

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