Being a family business, we feel that it is good to know that there is always a member of the Uden family to speak to.

Leave Us Your Feedback

Dear Trevor,

On behalf of my family I would like to thank you and your colleagues for everything you did for my father Michael's service yesterday.

You yourself took us smoothly and compassionately through the planning and details arrangements.

On the day, Darrel and his team handled everything with kindness and professionalism. We could not be more grateful for their care, respect and complete guidance throughout.

I am sure it is more straight forward for you when you are working with a professional celebrant. With your help, however, we were able to give my father the family-led send-off he wanted. It was precisely the event we had envisioned; that meant so much to my mother and the rest of the family.

Please pass our heartfelt thanks to everyone involved.

Yours sincerely

Andrew Hall.

Dear Len,

I just wanted to thank you so much for organising Andrew’s funeral.  The service you gave was absolutely top class.  You were very kind and very respectful.

Spencer and Callum were superb - We felt so safe, unhurried and treated with such kindness and compassion.  They were so wonderfully respectful with Andrew too.

This all makes for such a different experience for us all and what should have been an incredibly hard harrowing day, was a very good experience.

The celebrant : Steve Browning - that you also recommended to me, was just perfect.  We had an equal measure of tears and laughter and reverence.  Andy would definitely approved of him - so a very big Thank you!

Yours sincerely,

Linda xx

Dear Trevor,

As you will recall, your firm organised the cremation, on Wednesday 6th November for my late wife Alison Roberts. I want to let you know that I and the rest of the family were very impressed by the way you and your colleagues managed the whole experience.

This started with your calm, quiet and efficient style when we first agreed arrangements, your firms handling of subsequent telephone enquires, and in particular of course, the arrangements on the day itself.

Everything went precisely as promised. Equally important was the tactful way the team, led by your colleague Adrian, handled the arrival at our house, the arrival at the crematorium and the departure arrangements afterwards. All this, performed in a quietly efficient but warm and respectful manner, inspired great confidence, which of course is essential when a family is going through such an intense and emotional experience.

Please pass on our warmest thanks to all concerned.

Patrick Roberts

Dear Nick,

On behalf of the whole family I should like to thank you, Spencer, Matthew and all the Uden's team for their care and consideration to all of us during the past three weeks. From first meeting Adrian at Bexleyheath on 23rd October all the way through to the requiem mass and cremation on Friday 8th November, we experienced the expected Uden professional but sensitive and considerate approach for the funeral of my wife, Elizabeth. 

We particularly appreciated the support and assistance offered to my three sons and nephew who had expressed a wish to carry Elizabeth into and from St Mary's. Your clear but un-patronising instructions meant that they could carry out this last gift to their mother - and discharge this in front of a hundred of her family and friends.

We all particularly experienced a real sense, expressed by your colleagues that on the days involved with both her reception into church, the requiem mass and cremation, that we were not to worry about anything at all ad that everything would be taken care of and all would be managed properly. This indeed happened, we felt we were in the hands of professionals who "knew their stuff" and who carried out all their duties with decorum and discipline. 

My sons particularly commented on the smooth drives, the beautiful polish and upkeep of the Jaguar limousines that all helped provide a fitting escort to Elizabeth and the family during her final journeys.

With renewed thanks and best wishes,

Kevin J Barry

Dear Matthew,

I just wanted to say Thank You to you and your family and extended family for all your help, support, compassion and professionalism in dealing with all of my Dad’s funeral arrangements. You not only took good care of my Dad (Peter) but of me, my Mum and my sister, as well as all of our family. And you did all this with such care, thoughtfulness and attention to detail. Leaving a red rose at my house was such a thoughtful touch .... my Dad would have loved that! 

Thank you for supporting us at such a difficult and devastating time. And for helping us to celebrate my wonderful dad’s life and for giving him such a thoughtful and dignified farewell. 

With kind regards, 

Pauline Todd