We will liaise with the hospital or mortuary where your loved one is currently lying and arrange transfer into our care. They will be brought to our chapel of rest and, when the coffin you have chosen is prepared, we will dress them in your chosen clothes or a funeral gown and lay them in their coffin.



You may want to view your loved one at our private chapel of rest and you are welcome to do this by appointment.

Small personal effects such as photographs, letters  or a flower can be placed in the coffin, but due to stringent regulations governing cremation other items may be refused. To avoid distress please seek advice from your funeral director.

Alternatively, you may wish to hold the memory of your loved one as they were in life. Whatever your decision, we will care for the deceased whilst in our charge.



At your request we will arrange for a minister or other officiate to contact you to discuss the nature and content of the funeral service. To assist in preparing for this meeting you may wish to consider:-

What music would you like played?

Do you wish to sing hymns during the service?

Are there any special prayers you want said?

Is a eulogy to be delivered? If so, by whom?

Does anyone wish to pay his or her own personal tribute or deliver a reading during the service?

Your officiate will discuss these and other matters with you.



You may wish to prepare an order of service or some other tribute in memory of the deceased. We can arrange printing and collection on your behalf. We can also advise on the wording and placement of an obituary notice in local or national newspapers.



Floral tributes should be delivered to our funeral home on the day of the funeral. Your chosen florist will liaise with our staff to ensure they arrive in good time.

You may wish to invite donations to a specific charity rather than floral tributes.

On your behalf we will accept such donations made payable to the named charity and dispatch them to their registered office. We will also inform you of the total amount raised and the names of the individual donors.



As your chosen Funeral Director we will be pleased to liaise with your church or selected minister who you wish deliver the service for your loved one. If you do not have any particular priest or vicar in mind we will arrange

for someone to contact you. Should you, or your loved one not have any particular faith, or you do not want an overtly religious funeral we have our own Funeral Celebrant who will be pleased to assist you.Graham Horak

has been associated with our company for over 14 years and has a knowledge and understanding of all faiths. He now officiates at over 200 funerals each year and is equally happy to deliver a totally non-religious Funeral

Service if that is your wish. Not only will he visit you at your home to talk about your loved one and the type of service you require, he also provides a full draft of his service in advance to allow you to check for accuracy and

content, thereby avoiding any mistakes or omissions during the ceremony.In addition to suggesting suitable readings or poems in memory of your loved one, he will prepare a full eulogy or other suitable tribute in

accordance with your wishes. He is also able to advise on music and will source any special pieces you may require.

We are pleased to recommend Graham’s services and are confident you will be totally satisfied with his ceremony and the delivery of the Funeral Service.

The funeral of your loved one is a very personal occasion and can be marked in numerous ways.

You may ask those attending to wear particular coloured clothes, or you can mark the event by the release of doves or the distribution of flowers or balloons. Please ask your funeral director for assistance or advice.



Following a cremation service the ashes can be scattered in the garden of remembrance or collected by us on your behalf.

Ashes can be scattered or interned at other cemeteries or favourite locations, or we can supply an ornamental urn for their retention.