Why have a photographer at your loved ones funeral?

Creating a lasting visual record of your loved ones funeral can be really precious. Often a time when emotions are running high it’s really difficult to take everything in. Remembering how beautiful the flowers looked, friends and family that were there to show their support, how smart the funeral team were, as well as all the little details.

Photographs are a lovely way to look back and remember a day fondly, they can also be shared with those that perhaps cannot attend or perhaps shared with the younger generation at a later date.

It is certainly becoming more popular in recent times, many people are realising the importance of capturing those memories to look back on. Our photographer is often used in situations where there has been a high profile funeral that the press would like photos of.

She is very professional and is a part of the funeral team, unlike many paparazzi that often do not show the full respect to both the family and indeed their loved one.

In short No. Of course if you have photos that you would like taken on the day then let the photographer know, but the way the majority of funerals are captured is in more of a reportage/documentary style. The photographer will be very discreet and will follow funeral etiquette.

The cost starts from as little as £150. However if you are happy with us to share some of the images on our social media/website we will often waive that cost for you.

All of the photos that you will receive from us will be digital copies, they will be copyright free for you, which means that you can print or use them however you wish.

Yes, our photographer will happily get in touch if you would like to discuss how it all works.

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