Will the existing memorial be able to stay on the grave that needs to be reopened?

In the majority of cases, any existing grave memorial will have to be removed if an existing grave is to be reopened for the interment of your loved one. This has to be done to allow access to the grave, and the memorial normally has to remain off of the grave for between six months and a year, to allow the ground to settle following the burial. 

Depending on the rules of the cemetery where the grave is, the memorial can either be left somewhere safe in the cemetery grounds until you arrange for it to be replaced, or it will have to be removed from the site and stored at a stonemason’s yard. We will find out all the requirements for you when you are arranging the funeral.

Yes, there will be a cost involved, and this will depend on the style and size of the memorial to be removed, and also whether it can stay at the cemetery or will need to be stored at the stonemason’s yard. We will find out the cost involved during the arrangement of the funeral and will discuss this with you.

We will arrange this for you with our recommended stonemason, Barnes Memorials, who we know do an excellent job.

Barnes memorials, our recommended stonemason, can help you with everything that you could need, from a thorough clean or additional inscription on an existing memorial, to the purchase and installation of an entire new memorial. Their telephone number is 01732 824 504 and their website is

The cost of placing a new memorial on a grave is going to be influenced by many factors such as the size and style of the memorial, the material used in the construction of the memorial, as well as the style of font used for the wording, the number of letters in the inscription, and the addition of any other personal touches such as a photo of your loved one. There will also be permit fees that will need to be paid to the cemetery to allow the installation of the new memorial. It is best to speak with our recommended stonemason, Barnes Memorials, who will discuss all your requirements with you, and give you the full price for the new memorial.

Most crematoria will have a variety of memorial options available to you to remember your loved one following a cremation, ranging from a memorial plaque to the planting of a rose bush or tree for your loved one. We would recommend that you speak directly with the staff at the crematorium, as they will be able to talk you through all of the options that they can offer, together with the relevant pricing.

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