Horse Drawn

Why have a Horse Drawn funeral?

Horse drawn funerals are a very special way of conveying your loved one to their place of rest. They add dignity and solemnity to the occasion and can be used to express a love of horses, or, indeed, a love of tradition.

You can have either a team of two or four, or on some occasions even six horses.

The horses are available in black, white or grey

A selection of coloured plumes is available to choose from.

We always provide a back-up hearse or suitable vehicle to travel in the cortege, so should the need arise, the funeral can continue in one of our own vehicles.

A horse drawn carriage is much the same as a motorised hearse and is able to carry flowers inside and on top of the carriage.

Yes it does. On average, it takes around 7-10 minutes to travel each mile with a horse drawn hearse. We would always leave approximately an hour from the house to do a six mile journey.

For a team of two horses with horse drawn hearse the cost is £1,200

For a team of four horses with horse drawn hearse the cost is £1,600

The cost is based on the number of horses you have and does not differ on the choice of colour.

The horses will only travel up to 8 miles and it is recommended they are in service for no longer than 4 hours on the day, to ensure their welfare and wellbeing. 

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