Why is it a tradition to have flowers at a funeral?

Floral tributes at funerals have been much more common from the Victorian period onwards. Prior to this, mourners were invited to carry a sprig of fragrant rosemary, as this is symbolic of remembrance. The use of rosemary was immortalised by Shakespeare in Hamlet where the character Ophelia says, “There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance; pray, love, remember.”

It is very much a personal choice. You may prefer to request donations in lieu of flowers which can also be a wonderful tribute in memory of your loved one.

If you wish, the tribute cards are collected by our funeral staff and returned to you before you leave the funeral venue. In most crematoria, the floral tributes remain in situ for a period of time before they are removed, normally around 3 working days. In the case of a burial, the floral tributes are placed on the grave, until you are ready to remove or replace them.

You are welcome to arrange delivery of your floral tributes to the branch looking after the funeral. Our office teams will typically have prepared space for flowers either on the day prior to the funeral or on the day itself. You are also able to arrange for the floral tributes to be sent to the comfort of your own home if you prefer, it is entirely your choice. These tributes will be collected by our team and arranged on the funeral vehicles when they arrive. We would always recommend, however, that the main family tributes are sent to our office so that your loved one doesn’t arrive anywhere with an empty hearse.

Yes, each branch will have the contact details of a selection of local florists. Please call the office that is caring for your loved one and they’ll be happy to assist.

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