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New Years Update

Hello Everyone.

As we all step firmly into 2020, we wanted to start off our blogs with some brief updates.

Last year we reflected on all the hard work that had been put into the decorative order of our offices, and the refurbishments, partial and complete, that had been carried out to them. We received really positive feedback on our efforts at Sidcup and decided to adopt similar modern schemes in other offices. This is with the exception of the Head Office at Eltham, but as you may know, Matthew is primarily based there, so we are sure he will be putting his unique interior design skills to the test. Time will tell, watch this space!

In 2019 we had a few members of our team who decided it was time to move to a new chapter in their careers. We wish them well and thank them for their service with us.

This year we are already making plans for possible business expansions to work alongside some user-friendly updates and ‘how to..’ videos on our website. We understand the sometimes overwhelming stress that families can feel when a loved one dies, and we do everything possible to reduce this. We know we are delving deeper into a digital age, where people look for information online at any time, so our website is a small snapshot into the planning and details we consider when meeting with families. We trust it will prove to be informative and helpful in times of need, although we are, of course, available to help in person.

We will also be working on continued professional development for all our team members. We are very fortunate to have such reliable, hardworking colleagues who go the extra mile to provide a service that families can cherish. It will also give everyone a chance to flex some new muscles and learn new skills; we are always thinking of ways to improve what we do and how we do it, and our team are the most essential element to our business. As a result, we will be balancing the hard work with bonding days and seasonal social evenings, which may feature in some of our future blogs.

As the new year advances, we are already seeing families who sadly lost their loved one over the Christmas period. It’s always such a busy time of year with so much happening for everyone that we rarely consider the alternative to this hectic season. For some of you, the Christmas period proved to be a time of great sadness and incredible loss. We sincerely hope for all the families who have had cause to see us in the first few weeks of January that you have found solace and love in those around you. We know the months ahead will be difficult as you navigate birthdays, anniversaries, and even when this year’s festive season comes to greet you. We hope the journey ahead is softened by your friends and family.

We will be here to support and guide those who will need to use our services this year, as well as remembering those who will continue to grieve their loss.

On behalf of everyone at W. Uden & Sons, we wish you a positive and happy 2020. We thank you for your continued trust in us.

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