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TV themes popular as funeral songs

Every funeral is personal to that person and their family. A way to make the funeral that bit more personal is the choice of music. We hear on a daily basis songs from such a wide variety of different genres. Classical, Rock, Soul, Swing in fact you name it I’ve heard it.

Of course there are your popular choices like My Way – Frank Sinatra or Unforgettable – Nat King Cole which from our local areas are two of the most popular tracks. But what really intrigues me is the story behind every piece and the meaning of each choice of song.

When arranging a funeral we are privileged to get to know families who “most of the time” are talking such lovely words of their loved ones and we hear so many heart wrenching stories about their lives and the music behind them.

“Oh Mum really loved that track – but we can’t have that, it wouldn’t be appropriate” I reply to families saying that the music and service is their choice so please go with what would be right for their loved one.

Over the years music has become more popular and a really important part of the service. As a funeral director, I remember starting my professional life  with my Dad telling me that most families are happy to go with whatever is at the crematorium. Wow! how things have changed in such a short period of time in London, well seventeen years :-). Now we are downloading different tracks everyday for our customers’ requets, most I haven’t heard of. And if I haven’t,  then my Dad definitely hasn’t.

I think what’s changed the industry was the mp3 player. Having the ability to download any track and know that it’s going to play rather than the hit or miss scenario we used to have with CD’s.

TV themes popular as funeral songs

 Only Fools and Horses
 Coronation Street
Match of the Day
 Great British Bake Off
 Test Match Special – Booker T & the MGs ‘Soul Limbo’

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