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Welcome to the new website

Hello everyone, 


It’s been a long time coming but we have finally got round to updating our website.

Our industry is no different from any other where it’s imperative to keep with the times and have your website and social media constantly updated. In today’s age everyone is on the internet and a wealth of information is at a touch of a button. We feel it’s so important to be the ones giving the information that families and their friends need at their time of need. Also it’s a great way to show the public what we do, who we are and how much we care. 

There’s no second chances in doing a Funeral, from the first click of a button or the first phone call to the moment we drop the families back home, everything needs to be thought of with care and attention to detail. 

This is why it’s been so important to deliver a fresh new website, making every aspect of the site as easy as possible for you to use. 

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank David, Liam and their whole team at Posh Cockney for the great work that they have done. There have been so many changes along the way but nothing has been too much effort for them. 

We’d also like to thank our very own Sarah Knight, who has helped with the videos and photos in which there are plenty more still to come. 

And lastly Ben. Ben was given this relentless but fun task a couple of months ago and has made it his personal goal to deliver a fantastic website for our company to be proud of. We feel he has definitely accomplished this and would like to think that you’d all agree. 

Well done Ben! 

Well I hope our website is beneficial to you all and if you need any assistance please do not hesitate to contact us via phone, email or even via our social media accounts Facebook and Instagram.



Matthew Uden

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