Why do people release doves at a funeral?

The release of doves at a funeral is a wonderfully joyful moment and can be seen as a way of sending a symbolic message to your loved one. They can also act as a way of helping people, especially children and young people, feel that they are able to participate in the service in some way.

Normally this would be done after the funeral service in the crematorium grounds or after the burial at graveside. Doves must be able to return to their home roost before dusk.

Yes, the dove handler will instruct you how to carefully hold the dove before you release it.

From a single dove to a flock of doves – let us know your requirements.

The doves are trained to fly safely back to their home roost.

Depending on the location of the release and the number of doves to be released, the price does vary. We recommend that you liaise with our office team to get the most accurate price for your personal arrangement and requirements.

In adverse weather conditions such as storms, heavy and prolonged rain, gales, snow, sub-zero temperatures or fog, the release of doves will not proceed. The handlers will be able to assess conditions on the day and advise us accordingly. In most instances we can see if there is a small window of reprieve in the weather that will allow for the release to take place as planned; but ultimately the welfare of the doves are the priority for ourselves and their handlers. 

We would usually organise this and put our recommended dove supplier in touch with you. However, if you know anyone that you would like to use that is absolutely fine.

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