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Do I need an organist?

It really all depends on the type of service that you are having and your personal preferences as a family. If you are having a church service and would like an organist to accompany your hymn singing, then we can arrange an organist for you. Crematoria tend to have access to a huge library of recorded music, and we can normally get versions of hymns that have an organ and choral background.

Typically, an organist would cost around £150 for their services.

Typically, a singer would cost around £250 for their services.

Some people like to have live music at their loved ones’ funeral. Like everything, it’s a personal choice, but a live singer definitely adds to the occasion, especially if the funeral is expected to have a large attendance.

Yes, singers are able to provide their services in any setting, including at a crematorium or cemetery venue.

Singers have a wide repertoire from classical to popular music also. You can have a discussion with them about what type of music you would like sung, from religious and operatic pieces, to musical standards and modern classics.

Not normally, no. I’m sure it could be arranged but you’d normally speak over the phone to discuss what you’d like played or sung.

Typically, we would organise that for you and put our recommended organist or singer in touch with you. However, if you know anyone that you’d like to use, then that is absolutely fine.

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