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Honouring Legends? Why do we mark “Celebrity” deaths on our social media?

In this digital age, our social media platform has become a powerful tool for connecting people both locally and across the globe, many of whom have experienced great loss. We embrace this, and try our hardest to make our content useful, and to play a role in uniting families through the difficult process of saying goodbye to their loved ones. We also use our channels as an opportunity for people to get to know us as a family and raise money for our chosen charity. It also gives an insight on how we do things at Uden’s, which we hope shows our passion for caring for your loved ones on their final journey, and truthfully, both to grow our business and our ‘brand’ as well….. oh, and dare I say it, we do occasionally just make some of our content for fun in the hope that people will smile along with us.

One notable thing we do, which might seem unusual at first, is that when we hear of the death of a public figure, athlete or ‘celebrity’ we share our condolences and the news of their passing on our pages. We do that because we believe that when a public figure dies, it can sometimes create a sense of unity and solidarity among those mourning loss, and can also create an open conversation about that. Quite often, people will comment on our posts and share their own memories of that particular person. Many people are often upset by the death of a public figure; it may be that you grew up listening to their music, or their achievements or talents had been an inspiration to you, or it could indeed just remind us that no one, even those that we often put on a pedestal, is immortal. We also believe that by sharing the information about that person passing away, we can help to celebrate their legacy and often contribution towards the wider community.

Now all of that being said, it’s essential to recognise that every loss, whether that be of a celebrity or any individual, no matter who they are, holds profound significance. While celebrities may have a public platform, their passing does not diminish the importance of any other person’s loss. Every life is equally valuable, and every grieving family deserves empathy and support. Loss and grief emphasises the shared humanity that unites us all in our experiences of love, loss, and remembrance.


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