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Why Do That To A Place Just To Keep Some Cars In It?

When we recently decided that we would like to do an upgrade to our garages, lots of people asked us why we wanted to spend so much money on what is, essentially, “just a place to store some cars”?

In a very simplistic, totally on the surface kind of way, they are right; at the end of the day it is just a secure place to store our vehicles. However, when you have a fleet of Bentleys and some really nice Jaguars too, why not give them a home that is worthy of their stunning technology and automotive beauty?

Our Sidcup garage is located in such a way that we get hundreds of people walking by every day on their way to the local supermarket or town, so our garage acts as a very public access into the everyday goings on with our cars and the way that our team look after them. We are in the incredibly fortunate position of having a stunning funeral fleet, and our team are just fantastic, and they look after those cars as if they were their very own.

One of the things that we are known for is our meticulous eye for detail, not only in every one of the funeral arrangements that we make, but also in the way that we maintain our fleet. The condition of our cars, together with the appearance and behaviour of our team, are our main “shop window”; these are the things that people see and associate with Uden Funerals. That is another reason why we needed to overhaul our garages, so that we could give that same level of detail to keeping our cars at the very highest of standards.

As part of the garage overhauls at both our Sidcup and Camberwell sites, we fitted special car detailing lights that ensure that no shadows are cast on the cars whilst they are being cleaned and polished. This means that when the guys are lovingly working on the cars, they don’t miss the tiniest speck of dirt, and you can rest-assured that when our cars roll out of those garages, they will be absolutely immaculate.

Another reason that we spent a lot of time and money modernising our garages is because our team spend a lot of time there. Anyone that knows us will already have seen that our branch offices are all lovely, calming places to be, and we think that those of our team that care so well for our fleet should also have a nice place to work, so even though our Camberwell garage is not on public display like our Sidcup one, it is still a good place for our hardworking team to work their magic on our cars.

So I hope that this small but significant insight into the workings of W. Uden & Sons, the very best of funeral directors, has been interesting. Our garages are an absolutely integral part of our business. If we didn’t have the most impressive cars on the road, maintained to the highest of standards, we wouldn’t be able to offer the level of funeral service that your loved-one deserves. We are not intending to go anywhere, so an investment in our garages that will guarantee that we can continue to offer you outstanding funerals, was worth every penny. And of course, in all of our garages you’ll see one of our mottos – Do It With Passion, Or Not At All

Love always, Matthew.


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