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What happens to Coffins after a Cremation

One of the most common questions that we hear as funeral directors is, “What happens to the
coffin after the Cremation?” Or more bluntly, “Do you reuse the coffins after the Funeral?” I can
confirm that this does not happen at any Crematorium and that it would be illegal to do so!
Lots of people get confused because they imagine the handles are metal and cannot be cremated,
or that they must be removed before cremation. In fact the handles, coffin plate and all the other
“furniture” is made of acrylic which is easily consumed by the flames. The only exception is in the
case of a burial when all the furniture is metal.

During the funeral ceremony the curtains will eventually close (or the coffin will lower from your
view.) This is purely a symbolic gesture and it is only after you have all left the chapel that the
coffin is actually removed by the crematorium staff who ensure the nameplate is checked by two
people before the cremation process begins.
To allay any fears or doubts, family or friends can witness the “charging” of the coffin into the
cremator they wish; indeed, in some religions this is a requirement that is undertaken by senior
family members. Whilst I do not recommend this to you, it is reassuring to know there are
procedures in place to ensure the process is always conducted properly.
I am sorry this is a somewhat morbid blog, but I hope this has re-assured some of you who may
have had doubts about the cremation process.

Yours Truly,

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