When A Death Occurs

If the death occurs at home or in a Nursing / Care Home

When the death occurs the Nursing Home staff or yourselves should contact the GP, who will then visit the deceased and issue the medical certificate for the certification of death.  The GP will inform the next of kin of the steps required.  At which point please contact us and we will collect your loved one to take them to your chosen chapel of rest.

If the Nursing/Care Home staff are to liaise with us directly, please ensure that they are made aware of which chapel of rest you would like the deceased to be taken to, and whether there will be a cremation or burial.

The GP will issue a formal notice that informs you of the procedures to follow when registering a death

If the death occurs in Hospital

If a death is expected and occurs at a Hospital, the staff and a member of the bereavement team will contact the next of kin.  They will arrange for you to collect any personal effects and the Medical Cause Of Death Certificate. 

The Hospital will care for the deceased until you have made arrangements with us to bring the deceased into our care at your chosen chapel of rest.

 The Hospital staff will also inform you of the procedure for registering the death. 

When the death is unexpected

If a death occurs suddenly or the deceased has not visited their doctor in the last 14 days, the death will need to be reported to a Coroner who may call for a post-mortem or an inquest.  If the death occurs within a Hospital or Nursing Home, they will report the death and advise you of the next steps. 

If there is an unexpected death which does not occur within a Hospital or Nursing Home, dial 999 and request an ambulance and police immediately, explaining the circumstances.  They will arrange for the deceased to be taken to a Hospital, where the Coroner is informed and you will be contacted to advise you of the next steps and when we will be able to bring the deceased into our care.

Usually, the Coroner’s work can take several days to complete.  The Coroner will keep the next of kin informed at each stage of the process and when you will be able to register the death and arrange the funeral.